the best Instagram tip: Create an archive page for all your “Click link in bio” links


If you use Instagram, you’ve seen people publicize a URL they want you to visit by saying “Clink link in bio.”

Why do people do this?

They do this because Instagram doesn’t automatically hotlink URLS that you simply put into the caption of your photo or other comments. And since the good majority of individuals use Instagram on their phones, copying and pasting a URL from a comment is, well, nobody goes to try to to that.

The only place that Instagram does hotlink a URL is that the “Website” field in your Profile. this is often a ubiquitous field in online account profile screens, and it’s made for people to link to the house page of their websites.

But the web is smarter than that, and Instagrammers have come up with a “hack” to use this field to link to their latest blog post, or deal, or regardless of the latest thing is that they’re promoting.

So, the simply say “Link in bio” or something similar. You click the bio, click the link, and you’re off.

Easy. (Sort of.) Clever.

What’s the problem?

Here’s how you think that this works:

Change the profile URL to the thing you would like people to ascertain .

Post a replacement image to Instagram and include “Click link in bio” to steer people thereto .

People see the post, click the link in your bio.

Everybody’s happy.


This would work if Instagram’s feed was simply chronological, showing your posts to your followers within the order you post them. But awhile back, Instagram followed Facebook’s lead and began employing a fancy algorithm to display posts.

You’ve probably noticed that sometimes you see posts for 2 , three, five days ago in your feed. this is often the algorithm deciding what to point out you and when.

Are you beginning to see the problem?

If you post a day , and in each post you set , “Click link in bio,” but I don’t see your post until several days later, the link in your bio will attend something completely different from the post I saw.

You know what happens when people don’t get what they expect on the internet? They leave. Because, oh look a cat video! Or #breaking news. Or literally anything . There’s always something else.

And remember, due to the algorithm is predicated on each followers activity, likes, etc. you've got no idea what post is getting shown to who or when.

What’s the solution?

The solution is to form an archive page on your website that has links to all or any of the items you’ve linked to on Instagram and put that link in your profile.

You might even want to form it to form it easy, just like the NY Times and Pitchfork do.

This way, regardless of when your followers see a specific post they will easily get to the link they were trying to find .

There are other benefits to the present as well:

Ease for you: It’s a continuing URL, so you don’t need to take the time to vary it with each new post

Fool-proof: Similarly, you never need to worry about forgetting to vary it with each new post

Ease for fans: It’s super easy for your followers to recollect , so albeit they aren’t on Instagram, or can’t find your post but want to urge back to a URL (you know, to share with a friend), they will simply go on to this URL.

SEO: This creates a pleasant launch page of links for search engines to crawl

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