How To Get A Facebook App ID and Secret Key Step By Step


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How To Get A Facebook App ID and Secret Key Step By Step

In this video Training, I will be showing you, how to get Facebook App ID and secret key. If you would like to work with any Facebook-related plugin, you might need a Facebook app id and secret key. 

I'll show you everything step by step from the beginning to the end.

Firstly, Go to Facebook Developer page and create an account with your existing Facebook account.

Facebook Login

The Facebook Login integration gives your users the ability to skip normal registration and login directly with their Facebook account.

Go to Facebook Developers page.

Make sure to login to your Facebook account.

Click on the My Apps menu dropdown and click on Create app.

Add your details to the form and click submit the form to create the new app.

Go to Settings from the sidebar menu and click on Basic.

Fill out your Facebook app details in there.

From the sidebar, under Facebook Login click on Quickstart link.

Click on the Web platform and add your website URL. Skip the next steps.

From the sidebar, under Facebook Login click on Settings link.

In the Valid OAuth redirect URIs field, add your website's URL in this format: (replace with your own domain name).

Save the changes. Go to App Profile page and copy the App ID and App Secret.

Go to your new Product's Admin Panel Website Settings Facebook Login Tab and enter the App ID and App Secret keys.

Make sure to Enable Facebook Login and Submit the new setting

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