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Jul 7, 2020

Consumer Alert: Avoid work-from-home job scams

We SUPPORT the projected AT&T Robert Emmet Sherwood passageway Cell Tower

Mendocino County Major Use allow U_2019-0014

Installation of this tower is extraordinarily vital and necessary for our Robert Emmet Sherwood community.

Our Robert Emmet Sherwood passageway is underserved with technology. The Robert Emmet Sherwood passageway presently has uneven cell service and really slow web creating communications tough and sometimes not possible.

We can not grade perceived “dangers” from microwaves or “ impacts” to rural fashion to deny the cell tower. Risk factors have shifted and that we cannot stop progress.

Our world has modified, and while not the tower we’re facing terribly REAL THREATS.

Fire safety
We square measure at high risk for a giant hearth event within the Robert Emmet Sherwood passageway and wish sensible cell service to assist U.S. communicate and survive. we have a tendency to feel the Robert Emmet Sherwood Firewise cluster ought to support the cell tower.

Covid-19 has created it necessary for everybody to shelter-in-place (SIP) and keep home. we want sensible cell service for communications in each facet of our lives. Our health and lives rely on this.

Medical Care

Due to Covid-19, doctors and hospitals have turned to video-conferencing to serve patients. Delivery of medical services can stay on-line within the future. Dependable cell service is needed to deliver medical services.


Ecommerce may be a necessary, safe thanks to earn a living throughout SIP. many folks lost their livelihoods thanks to Covid-19 and square measure seeking ways in which to create cash on-line. High speed web is important to run Ecommerce businesses.

Online Education

Covid-19 closed colleges last Spring, and also the way forward for in-person education is unsure. several families face the prospect of homeschooling or distance learning to stay their families safe from the virus. they have dependable cell service and high speed web to teach their youngsters and not fall behind.


The Willits economy has been laid low with business shut downs, reopening, with doubtless a lot of shut downs returning. we have a tendency to should offer everybody the opportunities they have to earn their livings. High speed web makes it attainable to faucet into business opportunities on-line.

Property worth

Property values square measure exaggerated, not diminished, by access to reliable cell service and high speed web.


We should enable Willits to grow, expand and set up for our future with technology, not while not it.
We can’t ignore the intense negative impacts to our lives while not dependable communications.
The future of our community is at stake.
Put within the tower.

Send Emails of Support to:

Supervisor John Haschak

Planning & business department
Commissioner Pernell & All Commissioners:
Planning Director: brant Schultz
Chief Planner: Julia Acker
Planner III: Keith Gronendyke

-Joy Calonico & Cyril Burt Buchmann, Willits

As COVID-19 continues to unfold, some individuals could also be searching for ways in which to create cash from home.

While some work-from-home offers appear to be the proper chance, the higher Business Bureau says watch out, some offers could also be pretend and appear too sensible to be true.

“They’re asking you to possess merchandise sent to your house and so your job is to send it to some other person,” same Roseann Freitas, higher Business Bureau Hawaii Marketplace Manager. “The challenge thereupon and also the huge drawback is that plenty of these things square measure purloined. therefore currently you’re during this system of serving to move purloined merchandise.”

In some cases, the chiseller can have you ever fill out employment forms to induce your personal data. Then you’ll be place to figure and ne'er get paid. In alternative instances, the chiseller is searching for a fast thanks to get your cash.

“They act and rent you and straightaway, quickly they send you a check. They’ve created it for an excessive amount of cash and that they raise you to deposit it in your account and send them the distinction back. You do, the matter is by the time their check clears through the banking method, it bounces and currently you’re out cash.”

Freitas says, once ransacking through on-line job offers, do your analysis, look out for imprecise job descriptions and avoid offers that square measure too sensible to be true.

“If employment is out there and you see the company’s name, don’t simply go onto that supply, visit the company’s web site. Most corporations have a vicinity of their web site that lists job openings. therefore go see if it’s real, if you can’t notice it, call them.”

If you fall victim to the current scam, report it to the BBB Scam hunter. For a lot of data on work-from-home scams, visit the Federal Trade Commission web site.

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