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Jun 18, 2020

One Funnel Away Challenge Review (2020): Discounts, Price & BONUSES!

Wondering what the One Funnel Away Challenge is all about?

Let this review post be your holy book to understanding everything you desire to understand about this popular ClickFunnels training and training .

You can also call the OFA challenge.

I will also divulge to you ways you'll get the One Funnel Away Challenge:

For a rather cheaper rate
At a stupid-cheaper rate (HUGE DISCOUNT!)
And also for free of charge 
I just want your attention during this One Funnel Away Challenge review also referred to as 30 day challenge.


Before then…

It’s little question that the ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge came with many hype and intense vibe which took the entire online marketing business space all of sudden .

A training which has claimed to possess transformed lives and left thousands of business owners with shocking results.

I know…

That could be the rationale you're right this OFA review page immediately .

Not to worry because you're only a couple of scrolls away to knowing and having a transparent understanding of how the ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge works + mad bonuses inside.

And what you shall really get from it, also you'll determine if it’s well worth the hype, price, testimonials and every one .

Please also confirm you undergo the FAQ section of this post to ascertain the way to get a sweet discount of this 30 days One Funnel Away Challenge.

It’s real!

But first of all, before I delve into the most review of 1 Funnel Away Challenge – i would like to allow you to know that I’ve participated within the One Funnel Away Challenge twice and gain plenty of knowledge about it…

Which has also helped in skyrocketing my business dramatically quite I’ve ever imagined!

So you won’t be reading a review of somebody who hasn’t experienced the OFA challenge, like another One Funnel Away Challenge reviews out there.

I wont to be very broke and had always made nothing but $500/mo in my online business. Until I went through this coaching session.

It sounds unbelievable once I tell people how this training transformed my belief and business as an entire .

But HOLD ON a touch until you’ve read the entire review of this program.

Here may be a table of contents of our One Funnel Away Review:

What is One Funnel Away Challenge?
One Funnel Away Challenge Price
Who are the Coaches?
One Funnel Away Challenge Kits
Frequently Asked Questions (must read!)
Final Thoughts
Part #1: What One Funnel Away Challenge?
One Funnel Away Challenge may be a virtual coaching session held in 30days where Russell Brunson with two (2) of his top marketing coaches (Stephen Larsen and Julie Stoian) will hold you by hand to launch your first (or next) million-dollar generating sales funnel, with tasks (challenges) to be completed every day .

It doesn’t just end there…

You will also find out how to make , structure, launch and market your products or services to thousands of prospects out there within the world willing to pay you.

The One Funnel Away Challenge will arm you to teeth every resource you ever got to perfect your sales funnel and offer so ready to "> you'll be able to serve your REAL audience the proper way and make money in fact .

Not just money…

But you’ll get to get that the successes in life, marriage, and business have tons to try to to with mindset. (More thereon soon)

As a participant during this coaching session, you'll have access to your own One Funnel Away Challenge membership area and there'll even be a fanatical community where you get to directly interact with people taking the challenge and obtain the motivation to finish each day’s lessons.

There are plenty of bonus materials like the recorded live interviews of two comma club winners actionable plans, OFA workbook PDF, Kits, One Funnel Away box, books and MP3 player which we shall mention soon.


Part #2: One Funnel Away Challenge Price & Cost
The One Funnel Away Challenge costs $100 which covers all the coaching materials, challenge kits, workbooks, bonuses, and additional training during the entire 30 days and therefore the kits would be shipped to your location where you pay $19.95 to hide shipping within the US and $29.95 outside the US.

one funnel away challenge price
>>> click here to enroll for subsequent OFA

We all know Russell doesn’t need any introduction. The founding father of ClickFunnels software, a multiple 8 figure marketer and an author of the simplest selling Dotcom Secrets and Expert Secrets book.

He will, of course, teach you different tactics involved in marketing your offers the proper way, which can make your competitors head home .

All in video format.

In case you don’t know, Russell charges quite $25,000 only for his masterclass and overflow $200,000 for a one-on-one.

#2 One Funnel Away Coach – Julie Stoian
Julie Stoain One funnel
Julie is 7 figure entrepreneur, 2comma award winner, and creator of several online courses, events, and masterminds.

She has built multiple million generating businesses over the years. She teaches and educates business owners on the way to utilize digital marketing and sales funnels to explode in business and make an impression .

#3 Trainer/Coach – Steve Larsen
Steve Larsen OFA challenge
Of recent, Steve Larsen happens to be one among my favorite marketers and that i always find myself consuming his contents almost on a day to day .

He’s also a 2comma award winner needless to say and one among the world’s most talented sales funnel experts and ‘offer’ guru. No doubt!

Being the founding father of the favored sales funnels podcast called: Sales Funnel Radio, Steve is an expert you’ll never want to require his stuff without any consideration .

Steve Larsen is that the one liable for delivering most of the One Funnel Away live coaching calls with a particularly pumped-up and motivating charisma.

He guides you thru all the daily videos and interactions.


Part #3: ClickFunnels One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses
I briefly talked about this earlier. After you enroll for the One Funnel Away Challenge coaching program, there are plenty of bonuses that come along side it from me personally and also from the acquisition itself.

Here are the bonuses + values you get from ClickFunnels:

These are the coaching videos from the CEO of ClickFunnels. Imagine receiving an actionable coaching call from one among the world’s best online marketers.

30 Days Coaching from Steve Larsen and Julie Stoian ($997 worth)
As if that of Russell’s aren’t enough, you’ll also get intense coaching from Julie and Steve throughout the 30days.

Detoxification of the negative mindset
Offer hacking, creation, and sequencing
E-cover creation
Product Creation and testing
Epiphany Bridge
Crafting and testing your Hook Story Offers
Creation of lead magnets
ClickFunnels mastery
Generation and driving of traffic
It goes on and on…
These are the sneak peek of what shall be covered during the one funnel away challenge program.

One Funnel Away Challenge Customized Kit ($247 worth)
Bonus: Physical copy of the Challenge Workbook ($97 worth)
This is where you record your challenge progress during the 30 days.

Bonus: MP3 Player ($297 worth)
Which contains all audio recordings of Russell’s daily training (30 days)
Steve Larsen recordings from his previous coaching calls
Both contain over 50 recordings and almost 48hours of coaching (in the mp3 player) which you'll hear on the go and always set your mind on fine.

Bonus: 30Days Hardcover ($97 worth)
This is the book that contains all actions the 30experts will take from day1 through 30 to save lots of themselves if they lost everything.

A lot was revealed in here

Bonus: Unlimited Access to 30 days Interviews ($197 worth)
Here are the recorded interviews of the 30 2comma award winners revealing their strategies.

Bonus: Behind the scenes – Two comma club interviews ($197 worth)

Part #4: One Funnel Away Results and Stories
I don't got to enter detail what this coaching program has done to countless lives, because testimonials from this program already confirm that.

Below may be a testimony from a really close friend of mine whom the OFA changed the sport totally in his life:

I must say, the One Funnel Away challenge has been one among the simplest learning experiences ever!

Russell, Steve and Julie put everything into perspective on behalf of me . I’ve been jumping into different groups trying to find out but everything keeps getting highly confused and overwhelming sometimes .

Everything you would like to understand is taught step-by-step from scratch.

Really an awesome experience! and that i highly recommend it to anyone looking to require action and make a difference in life and in business.” – Nasierodeen Wyngaard

Here’s another testimonial by another One Funnel Away participant:

I did the last challenge, so for starters, I joined the OFA Challenge for 3 reasons. 😃

First, I never actually never had a funnel ever built before… I had done webinars but those are super simple because it doesn’t require much copy, structure, etc. so I wanted to actually probe this whole automation, funnel, upsell, downsell, stuff and needed clear direction.

Secondly, I had never written any copy for a whole funnel before or run so I wanted guidance thereon .

Third, I had this email list of individuals that I had never ran an email campaign to and my emails of individuals were just sitting on of these contact forms across multiple websites so it helped me get organized thereupon then also formulate a technique to run a full blown email sequence to my list.

That’s what I joined the OFA Challenge for and that i definitely got all of that plus more by being in OFA and therefore the community.

So let’s move onto the fun stuff, let’s mention the results I got. i do know there have been plenty of even better results but i feel I did okay.

Total Profit Generated in but 60 days of my OFA Membership Funnel going live = $26,149

When rebills hit this month it’ll bring me to over $34,000 profit in only 60 days of the funnel being live 😱 I even have $9,389 in rebills.

This funnel is forecasted to try to to over $120,000+ profit in only the primary year. – Earnest Epps

Check the screenshot of the above testimonial below:
No matter the sort of business or niche you’re into, you would like to not have any experience in business or online marketing.

And if you’re already in business, be it:

Health & Fitness
Real Estate
Digital agency/freelancer
Info products
Local businesses
Name it…
You’re getting to get mind-blowing ideas you never thought existed or works in any industry you think that online marketing never works right.


Part #5: commonly asked Questions
How much is OFA challenge?
The One Funnel Away Challenge coaching costs $100. once you plan to join today, i will be able to contribute my $10k worth of bonuses to assist you get more results.

Is the OFA Challenge worth it?
In all honesty, the one funnel away is worth quite $1,000, because I even have skilled it and other super-expensive marketing courses within the past which doesn’t go half what’s inside the One Funnel Away.

Do i want a special skill to hitch the OFA?
No, you don’t need a special skill to try to to the One Funnel Away Challenge. I first entered the OFA without knowing the way to implement tons of selling strategies and left with many knowledge.

Who has the simplest OFA Bonuses?
Khrisdigital has the simplest One Funnel Away bonuses. i do know It’s easy to urge overwhelmed during the challenge, so i will be able to be your guide and provide you with the simplest support and you've got my One Funnel Away Bonuses worth over $10k as yours for all times .

Is there a refund for the One Funnel Away?
Yes! a bit like there's a money-back guarantee to AUTHENTIC courses and tools out there, same goes for the One Funnel Away Challenge within 30 days. Once you aren’t satisfied with contents, you’ll get a refund.

How Do promote the OFA as an affiliate?
To make $100 for each person who buys the One Funnel Away Challenge from your affiliate link, i will be able to offer you access to my One Funnel Away Challenge share funnel link which you'll use in driving traffic to your OFA special link.

What if I don’t have any product yet?
You basically don't got to have your products before you create money online or start a web business. you'll sell your knowledge with the assistance of the OFA or find out how to be an affiliate.

How often is that the One Funnel Away Challenge?
The One Funnel Away Challenge wont to happen monthly , but now it starts every 2weeks for various batches.

Must I be a ClickFunnels user to participate in OFA?
No, you mustn’t be a subscriber of ClickFunnels to participate. Once you sign-up for the one funnel away challenge you’ll need to create a separate one funnel away challenge login account with the very email you wont to make a sale .

Then you've got access to the interviews and notes in your exclusive members’ area.

Is the One Funnel Away just for affiliate marketers?
Ah no, it’s not a friend! actually , an entire beginner with no business in mind can join the OFA challenge. Because you’ll be spoiled with ingenious numerous ideas which will get your brain boiling hot for execution to start out your next business.

Does the One Funnel Away Challenge have an affiliate program?
Yes the OFA challenge has an affiliate program and you'll make a crazy amount of cash from it during the challenge if you share your experience with others and follow my guidance.

It pays 100% commission.

It’s very easy to ask someone to the present life-changing experience and make your spent $100 back, fast!

Is there a 1 Funnel Away Discount or Coupon?
Surprisingly, there's a 1 Funnel Away Challenge discount most of the people won’t disclose publicly.

Here is the way to get it:

Click on this link to shop for Lead Funnels swipe file, then then , you'll be offered an upsell to register of the OFA challenge. Reject the offer, then you'll tend a downsell to urge the digital version for $49.

Only a really few realize this – so, you'll get One Funnel Away Challange for a stupid-cheaper price that way.

Just attend to proceed.

Can I get the One Funnel Away Challenge for free?
Yes, you'll actually watch all the One Funnel Away Challenge coaching calls and contents for free of charge .

I’m serious.


Let me explain: 

Not too way back Russell Brunson introduced a program called Funnel Flix where he gave ClickFunnels users free access to paid courses of all types from various angles.

And One Funnel Away Challenge was among.

So, if you’re a Platinum user of ClickFunnels – you’ll have access to the OFA challenge for free of charge .

But there’s an actual difference between this free OFA and therefore the one you purchase from this link.

The user can only view recordings of OFA in FunnelFlix, and can't receive any of the live coaching sessions if they haven’t purchased OFA.

Hope you get it?

Just get on the free trial of ClickFunnels at to urge the free OFA.

What sort of business must I even have to participate within the OFA?
Like I said earlier regardless of the sort of business you operate:

You need to form irresistible hook story offers, people can’t resist.
Your competitions aren’t sleeping so you shouldn’t!
You definitely need the proper systems which will make your customers keep spending even while you’re asleep.
You really need to automate several processes to measure that sweet life.
These are what one funnel away challenge teaches and trains you ways to try to to .

One Funnel Away Challenge Review – Final Thoughts
The One Funnel Away Challenge isn't for the faint-hearted, lazy or those that want everything “done for them”, but the training and therefore the support from the Amazing Mentors and community alone is actually second to none.

Insane value-bombs from marketers with track records!

You’re getting to spend quite little bit of time watching and taking notes during the coaching calls and videos, and putting what you learn into ACTION – but the results are well worth the effort!

No doubt..

OFA may be a kind comprehensive, well-executed, easy-to-follow, implementable program that basically aims to form anyone successful at starting a web business.

And get good at funnel building.

If you’re a driven and motivated soul like me, One Funnel Away Challenge can assist you launch a successful business.

Just click the button below to urge on board.

One Funnel Away Challenge Bonuses
Before you purchase the one Funnel Away Challenge, i would like to grab the below bonuses which can be of great value to your business and assist you get the simplest during and after the One Funnel Away Challenge.

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